About us

DynestLeather is a brand that contains  leather processing and leather article manufacturing. More over DynestLeather is a brand of Shyla trading & manufacturing company and S S leather. We have other dedicated company- Overseas hides oriented for quality raw hides selection. We assure of the honest and straight forward articulation of founder family helped set a clear VISION. And Commitment, dedication and involvement in work has been the key to our slow and steady growth.

Firstly we started with raw hides segment in 2006. Continuing with this, now we have started leather processing and article manufacturing. We process our own hides as per the article standard.

The organisation is based on traditional family values with broadminded current management skills with a philosophy that people in the organisation and the customers are its strong foundation. Due to this the organisation has less turnover of employees and a very strong and dedicated customer base.


Our aim is to provide good quality products with affordable price to our customers/buyers.



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